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Kangaroo Crush

€ 11,99
Op voorraad - Levertijd 2-3 werkdagen
EAN code 9788090753297
Netto gewicht 300,00 g
Bruto gewicht 300,00 g
Afmetingen (l,b,h) 21 x 0 x 24,50 cm
Autor Ian Worboys, Silke Diehl
Páginas 26

Imagine a world where colourful animals live and play enjoying the sun and looking for food while trying to avoid becoming lunch themselves.

Welcome to Kangaroo Crush, book 4 in the Crush Series. This time we travel to the Australian desert to hear about a day in the life of a group of animals, all unique to this remote geography. You will feel the spirit of adventure and celebration of the most basic life in such a harsh place. Brought together by the author’s imagination to depict his cutest and smallest characters living under the scorching sun.

Parents and their children will fall in love and jump with joy at the characters and all the splashes of orange and other colours of these beautiful animals that are so charmingly illustrated. The delightful characters, with eyes blazing all enter the story and cause yet another hilarious crush where everyone survives to live another day!